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Student Dresscode

KPS School Dress Code



Kilgore Primary School’s dress code is established to teach grooming and hygiene, instill discipline, prevent disruption, avoid safety hazards, and teach respect for authority.

Student dress reflects the quality of the school and affects students’ conduct.  Students shall be dressed and groomed in a manner that is clean and neat and that will not be a health or safety hazard to themselves or others. Any article of clothing, jewelry, body decoration, or hair style extreme enough to create a distraction or disturb the normal routine of school shall be deemed inappropriate.  The district prohibits any clothing or grooming that in the campus administration’s  judgment may reasonably be expected to cause disruption of or interference with normal school operations.


Examples of inappropriate and unapproved choices of clothing, jewelry, body decorations, and hair-style include:


General Guidelines:

  1. All forms of headgear (hats, caps, headbands, bandanas, hoods, etc.) are not allowed in the building.
  2. Sunglasses will not be worn inside any buildings or classes (including on one’s head) except by written order of a physician or on a designated “dress-up day.”
  3. Tattoos must be covered by clothing.
  4. Bandanas and any gang related items are prohibited.
  5. Male students are not allowed to wear earrings or other objects to keep pierced holes open, even if covered by a bandage or tape.  All other body piercing except females’ ears are prohibited.
  6.  Hair must be neat, clean, and well groomed. Hair should not cover the eyes nor be styled in any manner which attracts undue attention. Hair must be a NATURAL color. Unnatural coloring or dying of hair such as purple, pink, bright red, green, blue, orange… NOT permissible. Hair may not be spiked more than 2 inches.
  7. Choker collars (i.e. dog collars with spikes or studs) and spiked bracelets are prohibited.
  8. Exposed chains other than small necklaces are not allowed.
  9. Obscene language or symbols, provocative pictures, advertising of tobacco, alcohol or   narcotics on clothing, jewelry, or exposed body parts. Radically related symbols, emblems, pictures, words or slogans.
  10.  Low-cut necklines, suggestive, see-through or revealing clothing, including bare midriffs are not acceptable.Shirts/Blouses/Tops must be long enough so that the midriff is not exposed when the student’s arms are raised above his/her head.
  11. Sagging is not allowed.  Pants must be worn no lower than the point of the hip.
  12. Dresses, skirts, all split garments and shorts that are not long enough (3” above knee, from the floor when kneeling ) to maintain dignity and modesty.
  13. No pajama bottoms or tops are to be worn, except for special “Read-In” days set by teachers. (You will receive notes from teachers for these days.)
  14.  Holes in pants and torn clothing is not allowed.
  15.  Cutoffs, boxer shorts, or short shorts are not allowed.
  16. Appropriate shoes/boots are to be worn at all times.  No house slippers may be worn except on “Read-In” days.  Students should bring tennis shoes for P.E.


*Any other dress deemed inappropriate by campus administration will not be allowed.  The dress code will be amended, if needed, as fashions change.

*Final decisions on the appropriate school dress rest with the Campus Administration.  A student shall be given an opportunity to correct the dress code problem at school.  If not corrected, he shall be subject to appropriate discipline.